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What Services do I Provide?

720p / 1080p or 4K HDTV?   5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound?

Are looking to buy a new television, or, did you just purchase one?  If so, Your Main Man can help you decide which one to get and then come to your home and connect it to your cable, satellite or streaming service.  Did you know you can also connect your new TV, VCR, DVD / Blu-Ray player and streaming device, to a new A/V Amplifier -- or to an older stereo system -- and enjoy cinema-like sound and picture?
  Let me deal with the jumble of wires and hook it up for you.

Confused by all the new Internet & phone options?

"My cable company says now I can get my Internet and my phone service through them too?"

"Is Skype the same thing as VoIP?"
  It's all so confusing....
Well, it needn't be.
  Your Main Man will take the time to go over the pros and cons of your Internet and phone options, so you can make the best possible decision and choose what's right for you.

Apple Computers a specialty

Your Main Man has been a fan of Apple Computers since 1988 and while nothing is perfect, they just keep getting better.
Not to worry if you have a Windows PC: Your Main Man is happy to help with the problems you're probably having with it (wink wink).
Your Main Man will set up your new computer, printer, etc., or recommend what to do if your existing device is not well.
We can discuss your options for a wireless home network and about most other computer/Internet related options too.

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