Technical House Calls

Providing service in the Quechee, VT area

             Home Computers, Internet Phones, TVs, Stereos,
             Home Theater and Other Electronics - Simplified


Don't get frustrated;
get help.

 I can assist you with:
Apple Computers
Windows PCs
7.1 Surround Sound
VoIP Phone Service
             and more...

Are you fed up with
unhelpful help desk support?

Home Electronics - Simplified

Donald Main

Contact me for assistance in the Quechee, VT area.

Your Main Man has been established in response to the
ever-increasing need for assistance at home in coping with the complexities of modern day electronics.

For many, our modern home "conveniences" turn out to be anything but. My job is to help you get the most from your investment, whether I'm installing new computer software, connecting your TV to your stereo, or helping you take advantage of lower priced Internet phone services.

Is your home a tangle of wires?

I'll take the time to explain your home electronics options in everyday language, letting you know the pros and cons of any decision you may be contemplating.  If you already have electronic equipment that you can't seem to figure out, I'll come to your home and help simplify your life.

Does talking with
IT support drive you crazy?

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